Investment firm Fontinalis Partners has backed Karamaba Security with $2.5m to develop autonomous vehicle technology. Karamaba Security is an Israel-based startup developing security solutions for autonomous and connected cars.

The startup's flagship product, "Carwall", is designed to protect an Engine Control Unit's software runtime environment by detecting and preventing all attempted attacks. Karamba's security solution is not designed to fix security flaws in the ECU's code. Instead, it aims to prevent any flaws from being exploited by enabling only pre-set allowable operations to run.

Karamba say that they have a patent pending for the Carwall software. It is likely that a robust intellectual property (IP) strategy may have assisted the startup in convincing investors to part with their money.

Typically, a patent application takes around 18 months from its filing date to publish. Therefore, the details of any of Karamba's patent applications may lie hidden from the public some time.

This recent investment demonstrates investor confidence in the potential for technology relating to autonomous vehicle security. Furthermore, the investment highlights how important it is for startups to have a good IP protection strategy, since doing so can provide investors with some security that competitors will not be able to take advantage of their investments by copying.