A well written article. It is true we have been experiencing automation in road cars for some time to different extents - from active cruise control and dynamic lane assist on the one hand to connected entertainment systems on the other. All of these systems present different challenges and all will need to work (crucially, some more than others). Further, the extent to which the various platforms and data can be either open and able to be personalised, or closed and prescriptive will differ.

The disrupters have a very different approach and timescale to the traditional car manufacturers. However, for various reasons, I believe the disrupters will need to work with the big car manufacturers to get driverless cars on the road.

I can see autonomous lanes on motorways and in city centres becoming a reality in the coming years. Anything above that, however, I think will need a little more time to get public and political buy in. Would be interested in what others think?