As this year's Consumer Electronics Show prepares to wrap up tomorrow, it's clear that the autotech industry has put in a particularly strong showing this time round.  Autonomous driving may be the hottest ticket in town, but new interactive systems, infotainment devices and prototype electric vehicles have also been making the news.

Highlights have included:

  • Toyota unveiling the Concept-i - this futuristic driverless car is run by artificial intelligence, but doesn't forget that drivers still like to feel pedals beneath their feet and a steering wheel in their hands;
  • Faraday Future revealing its FF91 electric car - a rival to the Tesla Model X, which will reportedly accelerate faster than any other electric car and boast a range of 378 miles;
  • BMW previewing its HoloActive cockpit concept, which creates holographic interfaces via a combination of heads-up display technology and gesture control;
  • Chrysler's electric Portal minivan, which has autonomous driving capabilities;
  • Ford's and Amazon's collaboration to bring Amazon's Alexa personal assistant to Ford's cars;
  • Google announcing that its Google Assistant can now communicate with any Hyundai vehicle;
  • Hyundai launching a range of new tech that will be incorporated into future models - such as a hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV, and a new "wellbeing" interior concept; and
  • Panasonic demonstrating its vision of an autonomous car cabin, which includes 4K Connected Interactive Tables for all occupants, and a mixture of touchscreen displays and augmented reality.

Which of these technologies will really take off?  We'll see what 2017 brings...