HERE and MobilEye are cooperating to create a global HD map to be used in autonomous vehicles. 

The two companies have formed a strategic partnership which will package their respective technologies and aim to provide superior crowd-sourced high definition mapping. HERE specialises in high definition live mapping software and MobilEye develops vision technology for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. 

 The crowd-sourced feature derives from MobilEye's "roadbook" which is a global roadmap based on crowd-sourced vehicle sensor data. Integrating this into the HERE HD Live Map is supposed to improve a vehicle's real-time contextual awareness and its ability to react to its surroundings. The collaborative effort is likely to involve large scale data transfers between the two companies.  

Both companies are well established in the market which is likely to be useful once the product is ready to be sold and the two companies are looking for customers. The mapmaker HERE was owned by Nokia before being sold to an automaker consortium subsisting of Audi, BMW and Daimler for 2.8 billion Euros. MobileEye was previously a supplier to Tesla. The relationship ended in a fairly public falling-out over safety concerns in respect of Tesla's Autopilot feature.