Public roads in London will be the setting for the first trial to take place in Europe next month.

Following the failure of a Tesla vehicle using a lane-driving to spot a van resulting in a fatal crash last year, there has been significant public interest, and publicity generally, relating to the potential shortcomings in autonomous technology. Nissan, the first major brand to launch semi-autonomous vehicles to the public in Europe, will demonstrate self-driving cars in London next month both as means of testing the technology itself, but also to calm fears about autonomous technology. 

Whilst this will be the first trial to take place, Volvo will put 100 self-driving cars on UK roads for a trial later this year and Jaguar Land Rover is also testing autonomous vehicles.

It is a very interesting time for the development of autonomous technology and, perhaps more importantly, the development of the public perception of the safety of the technology. It is therefore interesting and encouraging to see that the UK has been chosen as the leading location for the trial and development of the technology.