Industry experts have warned that autonomous technology will outpace laws and regulation, resulting in the industry's development being held back.

Experts from leading manufacturer's BMW and Ford agreed that autonomous vehicles are likely to be capable of making decisions in the event of an accident (that could result in life or death) before regulation can catch up.

The UK Government has vowed to make Britain a world leader in the development of autonomous technology and Greg Clark, business minister, has spoken of a determination to breakdown barriers that could inhibit this aim, however his comments were tempered by an emphasis on the 'huge' part safety has to play in the regulatory process.

Notwithstanding the cautious approach to safety and the development from regulators generally, it does appear that a more common-sense approach is beginning to appear with greater acceptance of the scale of human error as the source of accidents.

The Minister also announced the first phase of £100m of UK Government funding - which will be matched by industry - aimed at securing Britain’s place in pole position in autonomous vehicles. This is further evidence that the UK Government is taking the sector seriously and the UK based businesses (big and small) should be looking to take advantage of the favourable conditions for testing and trialling autonomous technologies in the UK.